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Natural Stones have been used in the construction and architectural sectors since the dawn of evolution. Till today many enormous buildings that we see standing uptight are made using some of the highest quality stones. These stones not only help lay a strong foundation for the buildings but also help in giving life to the overall structure. One of the most commonly used stones for architectural purposes is Bluestone.

The most common reason why Bluestone finds its usage in all types of construction work is its main attributes like durability, weather, and temperature resistance, along with being available in a wide variety of colours and shapes.

Bluestone is a fantastic material that has been used in the construction industry. Blessed with an aesthetic appeal and luxurious finish, the stone is a perfect way of making the interiors and exteriors of any building look even more attractive.

One of the most demanding Bluestone is European Bluestone that has been exported to Australia in large numbers in 2020. The European Bluestone is rapidly climbing the charts of popularity among Australian Homeowners and Architects due to the conflicting relations of Chinese and Australian Government. We receive a lot of inquiries from Australian Bluestone Tiles Suppliers and Shop owners and the number is increasing constantly. Being in good economic relations with Australia, we are constantly building strong trade relations with the Australian Bluestone Pavers Suppliers to fulfill the demand. For further information contact us.


What Are The Other Factors The Contribute To The Popularity of European Bluestone?


Nowadays, people are aware of the stone quality and only settle for the best ones when looking for solid construction purposes. Although Bluestone today is available in many varieties, the most preferred in the market is European Bluestone.

European Bluestone Quarries

The stone is recognized internationally as of higher quality and is considered one of the superior options as compared to the Chinese Bluestone. One of the prime reasons to invest in Bluestones from Australia is its consistency in the color of the stone. Unlike the Harkaway bluestone pavers, European Bluestones pavers in Australia have the most natural color that appeals to the eyes of the onlookers.

Other Prime Factors that Add Up in the favor of the blue stone are:

  • CatsPaw: The European Bluestone consists of about 20-30% CatsPaw that gives the stone an overall texture different from others. Catspaw is generally referred to as a series of pits formed on the surface of the stone. These pits occur naturally from the heat and gas exposure of the stone in the volcano and thus give an aesthetic appeal to its finish. The other variety of bluestones such as Harkaway, midnight, and Chinese do not have Catspaw textures on the surface.


  • Slip-Resistant: The European Bluestone has a non-slip surface, which makes it best for internal and external usage. The anti-slip surfaces help the stone create friction between the upper surface and the contact object, giving it a superior quality to hold onto. Due to the slight hone surface of the European Bluestone combined with the slip-resistant feature, the stone is best to use in and around swimming pools as pavers. The stone finds usage in the garden area, coping tiles, pathways, driveways, patios, and other outdoor areas.


  • Price and Colors: One of the main reasons for European Bluestone Suppliers in Australia is the relatively cost-effective pricesThe stone is imported from Europe, but that doesn’t bring any change to its pricing. With so many advantages and applications, the amount of the stone remains rather economical and is best for putting into construction uses. Another important aspect of opting for the European Bluestone is the full range of colors available in the marketplace. From dark to lighter shades, the stone gives every property owner to pick a color code according to their choice.


  • Durability and Safety: Durability and safety are the other two parameters that come into the mind when purchasing any stone. Bluestone excels in both these aspects as the stone is blessed with a dense composition that sits well in the durability factor. While the structure and hardness make it a really tough stone compared to the others, the overall texture adds to the firmness of the stone. The naturally rough exterior of the stone gives it an extra topping of safety. The roughness makes the stone long-lasting and safe to use in and around the pools.


  • Installation Is Very Easy: Bluestone is one of the flattest known natural stones to be found on the earth. Due to this flat surface area, the stone becomes very easy to install and finds its usage in many architectural works.




The natural stones, such as Bluestone, have become quite popular with the construction industry due to the plethora of benefits they possess. And when the stone is European Bluestone, one can opt for the stone even with the eyes closed.

European Bluestones have been until now used extensively in buildings and other monuments for centuries. Be it the versatility of the stone or the various sizes in which they are available, European Bluestone pavers are one of the numero uno choices when it comes to beautifying pool area, stone steps, and gardens.

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