Why You Should Choose European Bluestone Over Chinese Bluestone?

European Bluestone:


  • European Bluestone has a congruous appearance. This means your bluestone colour and texture will be visually consistent. However, Chinese Bluestone typically appears uneven in tone and patchy in texture. With Chinese Bluestone, you will get more irregularities across the bluestone batches.
  • For a denser, more durable bluestone tile, choose European Bluestone. The properties of European Bluestone from European Bluestone Quarries are denser. Therefore, the bluestone is more durable and less porous. Also, this means that you don’t need to apply as much stone tile sealer.
  • Resistant To Salt. Regardless of whether your customers have a chlorine, mineral or salt water pool, you can confidently recommend European Bluestone for paving and pool coping tiles. In addition, the high salt rating of our bluestone means that anyone residing by the sea or in a particularly salty environment.
  • Better Quality Control. At European Bluestone Quarries, we ensure that our bluestone is quality checked before being exported.
  • Competitively Priced. Despite its luxurious quality, we also always ensure that our Bluestone is affordable.  As a result, retailers can provide a great quality bluestone and keeping their stock accessible for their customers.

Our European Quarries:


  • Reliable and Readily Available. The Chinese government is closing down hundreds of quarries and implementing stricter control and exporting laws. Consequently, this means Chinese Bluestone is getting harder to obtain, and with the introduction of more demanding laws, makes the future of Chinese Bluestone uncertain. At European Bluestone Quarries, we are fortunate to experience a lot less obtrusion from the government. Therefore, we have more predictability and stability across all our quarries in Europe.
  • No Oxidisation Issues (Unlike Chinese Bluestone).
  • Better Working Conditions. Unfortunately, many quarries and warehouses around the world (particularly in China and East Asian regions), compromise their employees’ well-being. These sites are typically unregulated, unsafe and employees are severely underpaid. At All European Bluestone, our quarries and warehouses are properly run by highly trained staff. We ensure our employees all have great working conditions where they are not overworked, are in a safe environment and are paid fairly.
  • Ethical & Sustainable.  European Bluestone Quarries ensure that all bluestone quarries and manufacturing plants have as little impact on the natural environment as possible. Contrary to many Chinese bluestone quarries which do not uphold any environmental procedures or responsibility.

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