Why European Bluestone pavers and tiles are gaining popularity in Australia?


Are you implementing a landscaping project? Wish to enhance the overall décor of the exteriors of your home? Whether it is about revamping the driveway or giving the patio area a new touch, choosing the right pavers or tiles can make a lot of difference in the overall appeal of the area. Out of all the available options for natural stone pavers out there, most homeowners in Australia tend to prefer the classic bluestone pavers for a multitude of reasons. Amongst the multiple variants of bluestone pavers, European Bluestone Pavers are gaining immense popularity amongst homeowners or property owners in Australia.

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European bluestone pavers or tiles are internationally renowned for serving as the highest selection in terms of quality when it comes to the bluestone pavers. It is quite similar to the natural bluestone or basalt stones in terms of the overall color and texture. However, being quarried and processed in Europe, the pavers feature high-end quality and durability specifications. In this post, we will help you unravel what are European Bluestone Pavers and why they are gaining impetus in Australia.


What are European Bluestone Pavers?


European Bluestone Pavers are the variants of the natural bluestone pavers with minimal differences in terms of quality and durability. European bluestone pavers are available in the form of mid-grey colored bluestone pavers that appear impressive when grouted with some natural or light grey-colored grout. However, if you wish to make use of some darker shade, then it is recommended that you should go for the option of grouting the same with charcoal grey stone grout for optimum results.

European bluestone pavers are characterized by the features like higher density and improved texture in comparison to the standard bluestone pavers. When these features are sawn together in the given European bluestone paver, it helps in achieving the perfect non-slip degree. The classic version of bluestone tiles tends to feature natural charcoal tones along with a blue undertone for improved aesthetics. This is the reason why the given version of bluestone tiles is known to complement almost any exterior or outdoor style.


Why Australians Prefer Using European Bluestone Pavers for Homes or Properties?


In Australia, there is a great demand for natural stone flooring or landscaping projects. As such, whether it is about enhancing the interiors or exterior space of the house or any property, most residents in Australia prefer using a top-quality natural stone paver like Bluestone Pavers to be assured of the best results. Amongst all such variants of pavers out there, European Bluestone Pavers are gaining huge momentum amongst the buyers in Australia.

European Bluestone pavers or tiles are preferably aimed at those buyers who are not comfortable with using the cheaper version of Chinese Bluestone pavers. The given bluestone variant is highly acclaimed across the world for its top-notch quality standards. When you make use of top-quality European Bluestone pavers or tiles from the reputed suppliers out there, here are some of the benefits you can achieve out of the same:


#Consistency in Color & Texture


European Bluestone pavers are renowned for featuring a consistent color, luster, & texture. As such, your stock becomes quite predictable in its overall appearance. On the other hand, Chinese bluestone pavers are mostly known to deliver discolored & patchy natural stones. If you go for choosing Chinese Bluestone pavers, then this implies that the end product is going to be highly unpredictable in the overall appearance. Australians those who prefer traditional bluestone pavers will mostly prefer the option of European Bluestone pavers over Chinese versions under any circumstance.


#Denser Grade


Out of all the available bluestone variants for tiles or pavers, European versions are highly denser in comparison to others. This is the reason why these pavers or tiles tend to be less porous and stronger. As these are less porous, they tend to require less quantity of stone sealers. As such, you can also look forward to completing your landscaping project within your budget.


#Improved Salt Tolerance Rating


This implies that the consumers in Australia can confidently look forward to making use of top-quality European bluestone pavers for swimming pools featuring saltwater. Moreover, these pavers or tiles can also be utilized in properties nearby seawaters or high-end seaside properties wherein there happens to be more salt content in the surrounding air.


#Improved Quality Assurance


Most of the reliable European Bluestone paver providers in Australia offer the assurance of top-notch stone quality as the overall quality is checked thoroughly before the stones are imported from Europe.


#Competitive Pricing


Even after its world-class luxurious quality, European bluestone pavers are also highly affordable. This is the reason why suppliers deliver bluestone pavers of great quality while keeping the respective stock accessible for the customers.


#Great Aesthetics


Another striking feature of European Bluestone pavers is that it delivers improved aesthetics –just like traditional bluestone pavers for your driveway or patio. Whether you aim at making use of the same for exterior or interior projects, you can look forward to improving the overall visual appeal of the given area naturally and effortlessly.

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